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Application Specialist Services:

Did you know that your current copier has the potential to save you time and money?
Let American Duplicating show you how to unleash that potential!
Did you know that there is a better way to work with your business documents? 
Let American Duplicating show you how to achieve new levels of productivity!
Are you spending too much money on supplies for smaller, less efficient printers?
Let American Duplicating show you how to manage one or one thousand printers!
Introducing American Duplicating’s Applications Services:
      American Duplicating Products Inc., a provider of document solutions for over 44 years, is pleased to announce the official launch of our latest product offering; Applications Services. Along with our current offerings of copier and printer equipment and services, we are very excited to be able to serve you better by offering you a wider variety of solutions to help you in your day to day operations. We can show you how to uncover productivity gains that have been there all along. Whether it is a job that you are currently sending outside to be completed or jobs that simply take too long to complete, we can show you how your current equipment can get these jobs done more efficiently and less expensively. We can also provide you with basic network consultation and maintenance, allowing you to focus on what you do best… run your business.
      Additionally, our Application Services extend to more common or troublesome issues. We can answer your questions on everything from problems printing from certain programs or files, to finding new ways to utilize the advanced functions of your current equipment. For example, we can show you how to:
    Store letterhead on your copier for quicker, less expensive printing of official documents
    Store commonly used documents on your copier for quick access
    Set up user authentication to track copier usage by job by department or by individual
    Automatically store job settings for common or repeated jobs
    Print jobs simultaneously from multiple trays (mixed media)
    Personalized mail pieces (variable data printing)
    Basic networking services
    And More!
            When a truly dynamic solution is needed, just add one of our many software packages for nearly limitless capability from your copiers and printers. We have solutions-based software that can help you realize even more significant gains in productivity. For example, we can help you control and regulate printing, automate your current paper-based processes, set up enterprise-wide document scanning and document management programs.
            Finally, as a current customer, we are making you the first to know about this service, and we are also extending you a special introductory offer

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