Managed Print Services Puts Costs in the Can

Most office output devices are not being managed and enterprises are missing opportunities to control assets and costs. To help track, manage, and improve the total cost of ownership of output environments, we have access to new managed print software tools and services.

These services and software allow us to help customers effectively manage their office output devices in order to drive costs down and productivity up. Most office output devices are not being managed by their enterprises today, so many companies are missing huge opportunities to truly control costs, reduce unnecessary assets, and drive efficiency.

These new software programs and streamlined services combine our document management expertise along with our office consulting services to give customers significant advantages in the race to cut costs and improve productivity.

For example, typically, very few companies understand how much they’re spending to support output devices for TCO, including consumables. Managed Print Services can help your company decide things such as where to move a device, when to take it out of service, and whether color or multifunction machines are needed.

The data mining from all the devices on a network helps lower TCO and manages devices more effectively. Managing and supporting devices for all companies on a global basis is possible – from clients with as few as 1,000 devices to upward of 40,000 devices.

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