Why Buy from a dedicated copier dealer?

Independent copier Dealer (American Duplicating) vs. Large National Corporations/Direct Operations.


Independent Regional Dealer (American Duplicating) vs. Large National Corporations/Direct Operations.

Over the years it has become more apparent to the independent dealers throughout the country, that we carry a distinct advantage over our counterparts on the direct side of the business. In just about every aspect the Independent Regional Dealer has the upper hand when it comes to penetrating the market place and supporting the end user. But the question is WHY?

The answer is straightforward and logical. If you think about it the manufacturers are committed to one brand, and their focus is to keep the factories running. The direct operations carry a production-centric focus, while the independent dealer carries a customer-centric focus. That focus may occasionally equate to a slight advantage in pricing for the direct operation, but the ultimate result is diminished customer service.

The independent dealer is closer to the customer! American Duplicating dispatches our service techs from Pennsauken NJ. A branch operation could be dispatching technicians from a call center in Mumbai India. As an entrepreneur, customer service matters on a whole different level. It’s a matter of survival; it’s all we must offer! The local dealers are not insulated from the needs of our customers and employees. We take a poor customer experience personally…

While independent dealers need to make a profit, we are not beholden to shareholders and directors that are uninvolved in the day to day needs of the customer. Direct operations make decisions at a very high level, usually in a vacuum, without consideration of the customer’s best interest. Their local managers have little if any authority, and are basically babysitters for the branch.  No matter how much they may want to do the right thing, often they are prevented from doing so if it conflicts with corporate policy.

The independent can react quickly. Decisions are made on a local level. A decision that can take weeks or months to get approved in a large corporate environment can be made in days or perhaps hours at American Duplicating. The local entrepreneur realizes that a short-term loss to correct a customer experience will often be rewarded with long term customer loyalty. Compare tenure of the employees. You will find without fail that the average independent dealer has a much more stable, long term workforce in place to support the customer base.

The ultimate example of the advantage an independent, locally owned dealership has over a direct operation comes when you see the results on an acquisition. In almost every case you see an exodus of both talented employees and customers. Seldom does an acquired dealership live up to the reputation it established as an independent.

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